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Terror Sci-Fi's Journal

A community for gothic, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror lit/vid appreciation.

The Terror and Science Fiction Club
The Void
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A community for gothic, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror appreciation.

The Terror and Science Fiction Club is part book club, part video club.
The focus is on the genres of gothic and science fiction, fantasy and horror.
Everyone is welcome to join regardless of fandom.

The purpose of the club is to facilitate a community of like-minded individuals in order to become exposed to new media and ideas. It's an opportunity to squee about what we love, refresh everyone on the "serious work" from our chosen genres, improve writing and discussion skills, and inspire new creative pathways for writers and graphics makers both. Terror is an opportunity to make new friends across fandom lines and connect to each other through the genres we love most! Let's have some fun!

*Warning* Entries in this journal may contain images and ideas of a disturbing nature, including but not limited to death, gore, and insanity. For that reason, this community is 18 and over only.


Prose Discussions: Once a month we suggest a short work of fiction for discussion. Currently, we are discussing H.P. Lovecraft. Prose discussions.

Video Discussions: Once a month we suggest a movie or television show/episode for discussion. Currently, we are watching science fiction movies. Video discussions.

Please see the Table of Contents below for upcoming events.

Currently, discussions begin on Tuesdays. But remember, all discussions are open ended so feel free to leave your opinion whenever you are ready.

If you have something you'd like us to consider reading or watching for discussion, please post a recc to one of the media recommendation posts linked to below.

Future States: On off weeks, we discuss a short science fiction film from this online series. "This series of independent mini-features explores possible future scenarios through the prism of today’s global realities." All are under 20 minutes in length and consistently thought provoking. Future States discussions.

Twitter News: Hear it here first! On a semi-daily basis, the hottest genre and industry news from our Twitter feed is brought to the community by quirky_thoughts. Twitter News.

Your Moment of Zen: We also have a_phoenixdragon livening up the place with the latest and greatest fan vids for our enjoyment. Your Moment of Zen.

Fan and Original Fiction: What’s allowed: gothic lit, science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction, and dark fic. Stories do not have to be dark and they can certainly be smutty! Any length, rating, warning, fandom, and pairing so long as it’s a story in those genres. Please use an appropriate header with length, rating, disclaimer, warnings and fandom info. Please use LJ cuts.

If you have masterlists of past work, please post them or links to them! Please tag “reccs_dark fic” and reccs_fantasy/scifi” for masterlists. Tag “media: fan fic” or "media: original fic" and your member tag. There are genre, tv, and movie tags as well, if you like.

What exactly is horror, speculative fiction, and dark fic?"

Media recommendations: Updates are posted to the community with every new recommendation. Recc's should be in the genres of gothic or science fiction, fantasy, horror, or speculative fiction in general.

Short Fiction

These posts are considered for our event discussions. If anyone is ever bored with our discussions, please let me know what you'd rather be talking about. All reccs will come up on future polls.

Non-Fiction is the place for how-to books on writing, media studies, literature critique and the like. Please tell us a little about why you are recommending it. A sentence or two will do. However, if you want to go on in length, please do. Or you can post a link to an entry in you own journal or Good Reads page.

Book Reccs: Please tell us about any good books in our genres you have enjoyed. These posts can be as long or short as you like. Feel free to include a picture of the cover or a link to where we can learn more. Tag "reccs_books".

Writing Series: There is an ongoing essay series covering techniques of fiction writing, beta'ing, and constructive criticism. Everyone is encouraged to take part. We are here to learn from one another. You can summarize one chapter or a whole book if you like, or simply tell us your viewpoint on an aspect of writing. However you want to contribute is up to you. Tag !writing. Terror's Writing Series.

In the future we will host writing/beta'ing workshops that I hope will be as fun as they are educational.

Challenges: Occasionally, we will host multi-media, writing, and graphics challenges to liven things up.

Polls: The world of speculative fiction, television, and cinema is vast and there are only twelve months in the year. Because of that, I will conduct polls on what to watch or read when there are too many wonderful choices, which is often.

Comments/responses: Please leave thoughtful responses to the news, videos, essays, event discussions, member discussions, and fan work as you have time for. Facilitating lively discourse is a goal of this community.

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So now that you are chomping at the bit to become a part of this young community, what are your options?

1) Be a watcher: Take part in the readings and video watches, and leave responses and comments to all posts. Vote in polls and post media recommendations.

2) Be a member: First, read the guidelines for members and posting, *Down for repairs* Read this page. If this seems like your cup of tea, then click a link to join the community. You are now a member with all the same privileges as watchers but with the option to post to the community. Super secret down low information is also members only.

I invite members to go to the Member Meet and Greet and leave a comment. Because this community is pan-fandom, most of us have never crossed paths before, so let's get to know one another!

Members and watchers (and lurkers) may ask a question of their mod at any time at the Page A Mod thread.

Members may:

- post reviews of recently enjoyed media in our genres. Come back and tell us what we should or shouldn't be watching and reading. Please tag with your member tag and "!reviews" and "!media recommendations"; "reccs_books" if applicable. You can also post trailers. Tag "!trailers".

- post fan fic in our chosen genres. Please tag with you member tag, genre, "media: fan fic". Please include a header with fandom info, disclaimer, rating, length, summary, and warnings. We have movie and television tags if you're interested. And your mod is happy to make more.

- post poetry and original fic in our chosen genres. Tag "media: poetry" or "media: original fic", as well as other appropriate tags.

- post essays and meta thoughts on anything they wish, at any time, having to do with our media and genres. Tag "meta" and/or "media: essay". Use genre and other tags as you want.

- are encouraged to post writing and graphics responses to the readings and videos in the days and weeks following the main discussions. Please see the Table of Contents below. Tag "prose response" or "video response" and "media: fan fic, poetry, original fic, or graphics/artwork", and any other tags that are appropriate.

- are encouraged to let us know if something we go over here inspired you in your own fandom's work. Please, link to the fic/graphic in question. Tag appropriately.

- post questions/comments to the community at any time on anything having to do with our genres, our media, or about writing/beta'ing. For an idea of what "our media" consists of, please see the interests list. Please tag "member discussion".

- contribute to the writing series, whether it be an essay on an element of fiction or writing, or a summary of the chapter of a how-to book. There are no word minimums or maximums. Please tag "!writing".

- contribute to the art series. These could be anything from links to good icon making tutorial sites or links to sites featuring the work of gothic or fantasy artists. Please tag "!art".

- post links to news about our genres or media that they think their fellow members might find interesting. For instance...if Joss Whedon or Lucy Lawless were to sign onto new projects, your mod would find that interesting. But please, let's not let this devolve into a fan site. Zachary Quinto coming out as a result of his artistic journey and a sense of personal responsibility is news. Photos of him and a hot guy are not, no matter how much your mod would like to see them. Please tag "!news" and "!trailer" if applicable. And btw, your mod is a fan of embedding.

- post recommendations and reviews on e-readers, apps, programs, etc...that are applicable to the community. Tag "tech".

- tell us about their favorite LJ communities - such as, but not limited to, where they post their fan fic or where to find great icons in our media. Please tag "reccs_communities".

I will make each person's member tag the first time they post to either the community or the Member Meet and Greet. Tagging your posts makes sure they don't go down the memory hole. Please let me know if you need a new tag at the Page A Mod thread.

A note about tags - we have various tags for genre, media, tv, movie, writer, response, etc. These tags make this community a user friendly, searchable place for us all. Please let me know if you would like a new tag at the Page A Mod thread.

Please use an LJ cut or link to you own journal for long posts.
Please use a header with length, fandom, rating, warnings and what ever else you feel is applicable.
Please include a disclaimer. This is important as posts are now being cross-posted to Twitter.
Don't forget to track the discussion threads.

*A note about Twitter - the only entries I am cross-posting over there are the event discussions, original fic, meta, and essays.


Do's and don'ts for watchers and members

Please do remember that we all have varied points of view, and life experiences. We will not agree with everything everyone has to say in here, including myself. So let's all be adults and respect each other.

Please do feel free to disagree with another's opinion, along with your reasons why, in a polite, intelligent, coherent manner. Debate and lively discourse are welcome, disparagement is not.

Though we do build on previous discussions, don't think that if you miss a month or two of readings/watchings that you can't rejoin the conversation. Everyone's opinion is welcome even if you have little to say, or what you have to say contradicts someone else's viewpoint. Please bring your unique voice to the table.

Do join in the movie nights if that's all you have time for. If you are just here to watch and have fun then that's great! Vice-versa for the readings. The same goes for if you love gothic literature and science fiction but hate horror.

Please do participate only in the events that will inspire you. Cheers!

Table of contents for readings and viewings

06/11: Prose: "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allen Poe
07/11: Vid: Doctor Who double feature - "Blink" and "Midnight"
Prose: "The Pit and the Pendulum" by Poe
08/11: Vid: movie: Misery
Prose: "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins
09/11: Vid: X-Files double feature - "Bad Blood" and "Home"
Prose: "The Shunned House" by H.P. Lovecraft
Vid: True Blood season one
10/11: Vid: movie: Ghost Story
Prose: "The Oval Portrait"
11/11: Prose:"Morella" by Poe
Vid: Supernatural season one
12/11: movie: Tomb of Ligea
Prose: "Ligea" by Poe
01/12: Prose: "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" by Harlan Ellison
Vid: movie: The Dark Crystal
02/12: Vid: movie: The Labyrinth
Prose: "The Rats in the Walls" by H.P. Lovecraft
03/12: Vid: movie: The NeverEnding Story
Prose: "Cool Air" by H.P. Lovecraft
04/12: Vid: movie: Blade Runner
Prose: "The Dreams in the Witch-House" by H.P. Lovecraft
05/12: Vid: movie: Dune
Prose: "The Dunwich Horror" by H.P. Lovecraft
06/12: Vid: movie: Moon
Prose: "The Call of Cthulu" by H.P. Lovecraft
07/12: Vid: Supernatural 6x22 "Let it Bleed" and South Park 14X11,12, & 13.
Prose: none
02/13: Vid: Dark City
03/13: Vid: The Matrix
04/13: Vid: The Thirteenth Floor


Fandom/Fanfic Comms

Prompt/Challenge Comms

Graphics Comms

Misc comms

If you would like to affiliate with terror_scifi please leave a comment at the Page A Mod thread.

Affiliate mods may post news of their events at any time.

**Disclaimer** No profit is being made from any movie, text, or television show. No rights infringement intended.


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